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META - Manufacturing 4.0 durch Entwicklung und Transfer progressiver Automatisierungslösungen
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14. July 2020 - Visit of the network partner Lehmann UMT

The start of our network visits leads us to Pöhl in the beautiful Vogtland region to the network partner Lehmann UMT, where we were warmly welcomed. During a guided tour through the production at the location, the managing director, Mr. Lehmann, and Mr. Lorenz from the sales department showed us the extensive product portfolio as well as the machinery and equipment of the company. We learned about the current trends and development priorities in the field of filtration technology and were able to exchange ideas about joint projects and future focal points, which have now been summarised in a first project sketch. At this point we would like to thank Mr. Lehmann and Mr. Lorenz once again.

24. June 2020 - Digital exchange of experience for ZIM network managers

Freshly started in the second phase, the two network managers Armin Schleinitz and Dr. Matthias Rehm participated in the digital exchange of experience for ZIM network managers on the topic Optimized funding conditions in ZIM & Digital Networking. Interesting presentations offered the opportunity to inform and exchange information about funding opportunities in the context of the new ZIM guideline 2020 and possible tools for digital networking.

12. June 2020 - Phase 2 started internationally

Our international management team introduces itself. Besides the TUC managers, our Polish coordinator Prof. Justyna Patalas-Maliszewska from the University of Zielona Gora has joined us. In her scientific work, her research focuses on computational intelligence in production, modelling and design methods, and tools and solutions to support production engineering. She is involved in various international research projects in the field of information systems, including several within the Interreg UE programme, as well as for companies and the Polish National Laboratory. She is well connected through her membership in the Polish Society for Production Management and the Polish Society for Innovation Management as well as numerous lectures in the Central European region.

31. December 2019 - Phase 2 international will start soon

Phase 1 of the ZIM network has been completed. We will soon start in phase 2 internationally with interesting Polish partners.

16. October 2019 - 14th cooperation exchange supplier industry in Stollberg

Booth of the network META at the cooperation exchange supplier industry in Stollberg. Picture: Alexander Winkler

Within the scope of the 14th cooperation exchange supplier industry of the Wirtschaftsförderung Erzgebirge the network META presented its previous research and development results to the regional expert audience. In the three-field sports hall of the Carl-von-Bach grammar school in Stollberg numerous visitors informed themselves about the current developments in the field of automation solutions for the production technology of tomorrow. The topics of digitalisation, machine and process monitoring and processing by means of robots were particularly well received.

26. September 2019 - 2nd Workshop on "Retrofittable features for drive control and monitoring"

  • Chris Schöberlein showed solutions for drive data acquisition in his lecture and disturbance monitoring. Picture: TU Chemnitz/Peggy de Witt
  • The trade fair demonstrator was very interested in the implemented algorithms for the drive fingerprint. Picture: TU Chemnitz/Matthias Rehm
  • The test and application center for processing with robots was also presented to the participants. Picture: TU Chemnitz/Matthias Rehm
  • During a snack there was an intensive exchange of experience on the subjects of drive monitoring and digitization. Picture: TU Chemnitz/Peggy de Witt
  • When visiting the laboratories, the extensive test stands of the control and regulation technology department were presented. Picture: TU Chemnitz/Matthias Rehm

A great success was our 2nd workshop on 26 September 2019 on the subject of "Retrofittable features for drive control and monitoring". Mr. Holger Schlegel, Head of the Department of Control Engineering at the Chair of Machine Tool Design and Forming Technology, led the participants through the exciting program. Under the topic "Identification of controlled systems during operation and monitoring of performance and dynamics", Mr. Johannes Quellmalz impressively demonstrated in his lecture the wide range of algorithms that have been developed in the department in recent years. Based on this, Mr. Chris Schöberlein presented under "Drive data acquisition and determination of machining forces" the necessary means and developed solutions for data utilization and outlined the considerable potential of estimating machining forces in cutting machine tools. Mr. André Sewohl concluded the triple with his presentation on "Force/position control in manufacturing technology" and illustrated simulation-based and experimental results in the field of hybrid control of forming machines in addition to the state of the art.

During the live demonstration at the department's numerous test stands in Hall E, the participants were able to convince themselves of the performance and find out about the technical implementation. The test and application centre for machining with robots was also presented to the participants and initial machining strategies were discussed. At the concluding snack, there was time for an intensive exchange of experience in the fields of drive monitoring and digitization.

16. - 21. September 2019 - EMO Hanover

Booth at the EMO 2019 at Hanover Picture: TU Chemnitz/Matthias Rehm

This year's EMO took place from 16 to 21 September in Hanover and, as the world's leading trade fair for metalworking, is an important showcase for innovation, indispensable for global manufacturing technology and was an ideal platform for the META cooperation network. In the mav industrie 4.0 area, we presented initial solution proposals and numerous project and product ideas at the TU Chemnitz stand. The joint stand was a first-rate visitor magnet and offered the network with its forum area the additional opportunity to present the network to a broad professional audience in the context of a technical lecture under the title "Digitalisation of production technology through progressive monitoring and automation solutions".

03. July 2019 - 1st Workshop on "Funding opportunities through SAB / SBG and protection and patent law"

  • Network manager Peggy de Witt led the workshop. Picture: TU Chemnitz/Matthias Rehm
  • Katrin Gräfe from SAB explains the extensive support programs of SAB. Picture: TU Chemnitz/Matthias Rehm
  • The funding modules of the SBG, presented by Mr. Frank Däderich, represent an ideal addition to the funding instruments of the SAB. Picture: TU Chemnitz/Matthias Rehm
  • Dr. Silvio Heider from the Patent Information Center at Chemnitz University of Technology discussed the benefits of industrial property rights, among other things. Picture: TU Chemnitz/Matthias Rehm

Network partners as well as external guests informed Ms. Gräfe about the extensive portfolio of support programmes of the Sächsischen Aufbaubank (SAB) for Saxon companies at the first workshop of the META network. In addition to the GRW grant, the innovation premium, the technology transfer support as well as programmes for information protection and the digitalisation of business processes were met with great approval. Mr. Däderich completed the SAB's offer with the presentation of the funding modules by the Sächsische Beteiligungsgesellschaft (SBG) and presented the essential advantages of SBG funding. Subsequently, Dr. Heider from the Patent Information Centre (PIZ) of Chemnitz University of Technology structured the complex process of patent application, discussed advantages and disadvantages and presented the range of services offered by the PIZ.

The extensive funding opportunities of the SAB can also be found online.

Overview of the range of services of the PIZ .

25. June 2019 - Visit of the international ZIM network "Soil2Heat" of the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg

Network exchange between META & OF-Geothermie 4.0 Picture: TU Chemnitz/Katja Klöden

After getting to know each other during the exchange of experiences of the network managers in Berlin, the network coordination of the networks Soil2Heat (near-surface geothermal energy and cold local heating 4.0) and the network META (Manufacturing 4.0 through development and transfer of progressive automation solutions) decided to filter out possible synergies and focal points at a meeting, which will benefit from the innovative strength of the partners from both networks. After an invitation and a visit, it quickly became clear that there are many points of contact between the two networks and that a continuous future collaboration and cooperation is aimed at.

Further information on the ZIM network "Soil2Heat" can be found here.

02. April 2019 - Kick-Off

Consortium of the cooperation network META Picture: TU Chemnitz/Katja Klöden

For the presentation of first project ideas and the joint discussion of the technological roadmap, the network partners of all 9 companies and 6 research institutions met in the context of the Kick-Off on April 2nd in building M on the campus Reichenhainer Strasse. With the focus on monitoring and automation solutions for small and medium-sized companies in the field of production engineering, interesting approaches to solutions were presented.

These deal with the following topics:

  • Control Loop Performance Monitoring
  • Manufacturing process monitoring
  • Manufacturing process control
  • Manufacturing quality control
  • Modular Automation solutions
  • Manufacturing process developtment

You can also find more information on this here.

05. - 08. February 2019 - intec 2019

Technical discussion at the booth Picture: TU Chemnitz/Johannes Quellmalz

Within the framework of the trade fair for manufacturing technology, machine tools and special machines intec 2019, the network of will be represented at the Leipzig Exhibition Centre from 05 to 08 February.

Using the example of a glass machine tool, new partners were convinced by the alliance and the expertise it offers and given assistance for the age of Industry 4.0. Digitization and networking enable the intelligent monitoring of processes and components and the establishment of practice-oriented manufacturing process and quality control systems.

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Über das Netzwerk

META, the international Network about Manufacturing 4.0 durch Entwicklung und Transfer progressiver Automatisierungslösungen, is a network funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) as part of the Central Innovation Program for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (ZIM), which is coordinated by the Chair of Machine Tools and Forming Technology. The network was founded in January 2019 with 14 members from industry and research.