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META - Manufacturing 4.0 durch Entwicklung und Transfer progressiver Automatisierungslösungen
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23.-24. March 2023 - Business trip to Chemnitz

  • Prof. Dix, head of the Chair of Production Systems and Processes, welcomes the international participants to the evening event. Picture: TU Chemnitz/Katja Klöden
  • "Hands-On" was the theme during the demonstration of the latest product from H+E Produktentwicklung GmbH, the semi-automatic transport system HUSKi, by the CEO Matthias Grütze(l.) Picture: TU Chemnitz/Matthias Rehm
  • Dr. Jahn (l.) and Ms. Würz (2nd from left) showed our Polish delegation a fully automated front-end assembly. Picture: TU Chemnitz/Armin Schleinitz
  • Together with our German network partners, we had the opportunity to exchange further during the evening event at Miramar. Picture: TU Chemnitz/Katja Klöden
  • A warm welcome to the TU Chemnitz. Picture: TU Chemnitz/Katja Klöden
  • Armin Schleinitz from the network management during the demonstration of robotic machining. Picture: TU Chemnitz/Matthias Rehm
  • Eckhart Wittstock explained the XR applications in the experimental field of the Chair of Production Systems and Processes to the interested participants. Picture: TU Chemnitz/Matthias Rehm
  • "Water in its strongest form..." presented Markus Dittrich, CEO of Novajet GmbH. Picture: TU Chemnitz/Matthias Rehm

Following our visit to Zielona Gora and Zary, we were pleased to welcome an 11-member delegation of Polish entrepreneurs and researchers from the network to Saxony at the end of March. Numerous program points were planned for the two-day trip to present as broad a spectrum of expertise as possible, as well as the multifaceted socio-cultural environment.

The opening was made with a visit to our network partner H+E Produktentwicklung GmbH in Moritzburg, where CEO Mr. Grütze and Mr. Sureck from the R&D department warmly welcomed us. After a company presentation, we were able to see the modern production areas of the various business units and received exciting insights into the additive manufacturing chain, progressive mobility concepts, and technical designs. We also got to know the different activities, ranging from medical technology to classical production technology and material and surface technology in research and development.

After a tour of the Hellerau garden city and freshly strengthened, our program took us to Freital, where Ms. Dr. Jahn and Ms. Würz from the management of EKF Automation GmbH personally took the time to introduce the company. The broad portfolio of industry-specific automation solutions generated great interest, so that subsequent tours of the assembly and production areas of the company quickly created common points of contact and initial cooperation ideas.

Next to a tour thru the historic industrial sites in Chemnitz, the Polish and German network partners met in a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere. Prof. Dix, Head of the Chair of Production Systems and Processes, gave a warm welcome and gave a historical overview of the city's technical history. Following initial discussions at the Palmenhaus in 2022, there was an opportunity to intensify existing ideas and projects. Similarly, new partners quickly found each other, so that time flew by.

The next morning, we used our time for an introduction to the research site of the Technical University of Chemnitz and led through our laboratories and test stands. "Water in its strongest form..." was then presented to us by Markus Dittrich, CEO of Novajet GmbH at the technology center location. We were able to convince ourselves of the performance of the suspension jet process during the subsequent tour of the hall.

After the joint lunch, which was completely in the context of the Enterprise Europe Network, we followed the invitation of our long-standing partner, Flender Industriegetriebe GmbH, to Penig. Managing Director Jens Klein presented the performance of the site very well-founded and structured and inspired for the manufacturing depth of industrial gears at the location. In the subsequent tour of the production and assembly, there were numerous specialist discussions on specific cooperation approaches, which must now be consolidated.

We are pleased that our network partners have taken this next step with us and developed a profitable format from an initial idea. Special thanks go to our Polish coordinator, Prof. Patalas-Maliszewskas, who played a significant role in bringing the two locations together. Many thanks to all involved for the joint expansion of a European partnership and friendship!

11.-14. March 2023 - Trade fair intec 2023

The trade fair Intec Leipzig, one of the leading trade fairs for metalworking in Germany and Europe, was once again an important moment for our network this year to present the new results of joint research and development activities, to engage in conversations with new partners, and to maintain existing partnerships. One of our personal highlights was the presentation by Mr. Ruben Strahl, CEO of SCHRÖDER DESIGN, on the progressive design process in the virtual lab. Using a head-mounted display and flysticks, Mr. Strahl created different designs of a control panel live and was able to validate them directly in the intended use environment. We thank Mr. Strahl and Ms. Engelmann for the interesting conversations and look forward to further collaboration.

10. November 2022 - ZIM network annual meeting 2022

On November 10th, this year's ZIM network annual meeting took place at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection (BMWK). With around 200 network managers and multipliers from business and research, we took the opportunity for personal exchange and discussed the importance of networking for the development and implementation of innovative ideas. Interesting impulse speeches accompanied the central panel discussion on interdisciplinarity and the role of small businesses. The participants of the ZIM network annual meeting agreed that each network is individual and that network managers should always have an open ear for the needs of their partners to recognize challenges for the companies and find solutions. Strong communication between network partners is essential. Particularly in times of crisis, interdisciplinary networks have a special advantage and should be open to impulses from outside to be adaptable. The growing proportion of international networks in ZIM takes account of this circumstance and promotes exchange and cooperation between different countries and regions.

13. October 2022 - Hybrid network meeting

The network meeting was an inspiring day full of new ideas and insights. With the presentation of the two META projects "Skillrob" and "CUBE" by Mr. Friedrich and Mr. Krutz, all participants gained initial insights into the current research and development work in the areas of flexible robot programming and accuracy improvement. An important part of the meeting was the discussion about the follow-up network SUPRA. The participants were excited about the idea of focusing on sustainability in the future and contributed initial ideas. Overall, the network meeting was a complete success and demonstrated the importance of creating an open and cooperative culture in research and development in order to jointly tackle complex challenges.

29. September 2022 - all about automation - Trade fair for Industry automation

"The heart of Saxon mechanical engineering beats in Chemnitz - and it beats particularly loudly when the all about automation trade fair visits the Chemnitz exhibition center." ... this is the opinion of the trade fair organizers, and they were right. During our visit to the aaa this year, we used the opportunity for numerous technical discussions with interesting actors in the automation technology sector, talked about our network, and found numerous points of contact that need to be sustained in the future. At the invitation of our network partner ARC solutions, we learned about their expanded product portfolios in the field of CAM/CAM planning for additively manufactured components. We say thank you and look forward to the upcoming network meeting.

27. September 2022 - International Conference on Functional and Nanostructured Materials FNMA 2022 at Zielona Gora

Upon invitation of our international coordinator, Professor Patalas-Maliszewska, we presented our network META during the Special Session "University-to-Industry knowledge transfer" at the International Conference on Functional and Nanostructured Materials (FNMA) 2022. The network received great interest as a good funding instrument of the BMWK, and specifically for the very broad project spectrum of both phases. During bilateral discussions in a relaxed atmosphere at the Dworek winery, we had the opportunity to discuss further cross-border projects up until the year 2024..

16. August 2022 - Student Excursion

On August 16, 2022, the network management organized an excursion for 16 master's students of the "Advanced Manufacturing" program at TU Chemnitz, providing insights into the broad spectrum of data-driven production and automation technology. In the morning, the group visited the test fields at the Fraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology IWU in Chemnitz. Afterwards, the participants traveled to our network partner, pro-beam systems GmbH in Stollberg, where they were welcomed by Dr. Michael Müller, Prokurist and Channel Director for Energy, Semiconductor, and Rail. Dr. Müller himself studied at the Technical University of Chemnitz and worked as a scientist at the Chair of Machine Tools and Forming Technology. In a company presentation, he introduced the students to the application areas of electron beam welding. The excursion concluded with a visit to FDTech GmbH in Chemnitz, where algorithms and functions for automated driving are developed. In all three companies, the students gained insights into the implementation of Industry 4.0 content through practical products and services. They took the opportunity to ask questions to the responsible persons during the presentations and tours and even applied for some student work.

13.-14. Juli 2022 - Business trip to Zielona Gora

  • In the incomparable ambience of the Palm House in Zielona Gora, the Polish and German partners found time for a first exchange. Picture: TU Chemnitz/Matthias Rehm
  • Dr. Anatol Kalasznikow (2nd from left) gave us a tour of his company AK Anatol, which has established itself on the market as a manufacturer of steel structures. Picture: TU Chemnitz/AK Anatol
  • At LUMEL S.A. we gained insights into the production of industrial electronics, starting with the layout, the fully automated PCB assembly as well as the final inspection. Picture: TU Chemnitz/Matthias Rehm
  • Our evening event took place in the Plamenhaus in Zielona Gora. Picture: TU Chemnitz/Holger Schlegel
  • In a wonderful setting, the perfect opportunity for getting to know each other was found over a glass of wine. Picture: TU Chemnitz/Holger Schlegel
  • The Palm House lived up to its name perfectly. Picture: TU Chemnitz/Holger Schlegel
  • In the stylish ambience we were welcomed to the site by Prof. Maria Mrówczyńska, Rector for Cooperation with Industry. Picture: TU Chemnitz/Holger Schlegel
  • At Ekoenergetyka in the Technology Park in Zielona Gora, we were able to take a look at the mobility concepts of tomorrow. The picture shows the complete solution of an e-fueling station at the company's site. Picture: TU Chemnitz/Matthias Rehm
  • At Perceptus we were warmly welcomed at the modern site. Picture: TU Chemnitz/Perceptus
  • A progressive product from Perceptus: the mobile data center integrated into an ISO container. Picture: TU Chemnitz/Holger Schlegel

"When someone takes a trip, he can tell a story..." True to Claudius' saying, we look back on two exciting days with our international partners in Poland. In the best travel weather, a delegation of German entrepreneurs and the network management went to the Lubus Voivodeship.

Our first stop was at our network partner AK Anatol, whose managing director Dr. Anatol Kalasznikow welcomed us warmly. He showed us the impressive path of his work from the first idea to the almost 40-strong company, which he now runs with skill and passion. During the tour of the company, we were able to gain an insight into the sophisticated steel construction and powder coating processes and learned about many a vision.

Well fortified, our Polish coordinator, Prof. Justyna Patalas-Maliszewska, took us on to LUMEL S.A. and LUMEL Alucast Sp., where President Dinesh Musalekar and Director Dariusz Tront personally took the time to present both plants. As a system manufacturer of sterilization, measurement and industrial electronics, LUMEL S.A. has the most modern plant technology and operates worldwide with its products. In the area of aluminum die casting, we were also able to impressively inspect the complete vertical range of manufacture from design and mold making to the in-house foundry, mechanical finishing and quality control, and to examine the automotive-oriented product portfolio.

On the evening of the first day of the trip, the German and Polish partners had the opportunity to exchange ideas in a relaxed atmosphere at the evening event in the Palm House in Zielona Gora. Processes and products were discussed, new ideas were born, plans for further joint activities were discussed and, last but not least, the great ambience and the magnificent view of the whole of Zielona Gora from the roof of the Palm House were enjoyed.

After a relaxed breakfast, the following day we went to the Technology Center of our partner university, the University of Zielona Gora, where Director Prof. Maria Mrówczyńska, responsible for cooperation with industry , warmly welcomed us in the great ambience and we gained insights into the history of the location, the progressive start-ups as well as the Institute of Mechanical Engineering.

This was followed by a visit to Ekoenergetyka - Polska S.A. as another highlight of the trip. Mr. Macieja Wojeńskiego, founder and one of the managing directors of the company and Mr. Arkadiusz Kowalewski, advisor to the board of directors impressively outlined in their company presentation the future of e-mobility and the necessary charging infrastructure, the core product of the company. As a Europe-wide operating company, the know-how could already be proven in numerous reference projects on different scaled levels, starting from the passenger car sector with charging columns up to 100 kW over charging infrastructure for city buses with up to 350 kW up to megawatt charging systems for trucks. During the subsequent tour by Mr. Michał Drogosz, head of software development , we were presented, among other things, a complete system solution in the form of an e-charging station under the brand "Ekoen", where the owner of an e-vehicle refuels at one of the 5 charging stations and in the meantime is well supplied in an associated bistro with lounge. The overall picture was rounded off only once more by the in-house kindergarten.

At the end of our business trip we were welcomed by the company Perceptus sp. z.o.o. , also located in the technology park of the university, by the managing director Mr. Przemyslaw Matkowski , in a modern ambience. As an established provider of IT systems with a focus on pass-through encryption, the company has developed, among other things, a mobile data center as a very innovative product. Packaged in an ISO container, the IT infrastructure including data storage and data backup as well as mechanical protection (burglary, fire, weather) is realized according to customer specifications.

After two very eventful and profitable days, we were able to discuss the new impulses together on the return journey. The entire META network management would like to take this opportunity to thank all Polish companies, German and Polish partners and the Polish coordination around Prof. Patalas-Maliszewska for the very successful first business trip. We are very happy about the joint contribution to the development of European partnerships!

23. June 2022 - Innovation day of the federal ministry for economy and climate

On June 23, 2022, the time had finally come again: With more than 200 exhibitors from all regions of Germany, the Innovation Day for SMEs of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection (BMWK) became a showcase for SME innovation activities at the federal level and a communication platform for innovative SMEs, and we were there with our machine demonstrator! Under the claim "Change through innovation", the event presented support initiatives and programs of the BMWK and their close interlinking "from the idea to market success". In a prime location directly at the entrance, we had numerous interesting discussions with visitors and exhibitors from all over Germany on the topics of production technology and automation. True to the motto "hands-on" we were able to present the latest ideas and innovations on the practical example of our demonstrator to all interested parties during the organized guided tours, which also led to our booth.

22. June 2022 - Exchange of experience for ZIM network managers

Traditionally, on the day before the Innovation Day, VDI/VDE-IT GmbH invited to the Magnus-Haus in Berlin to exchange experiences for ZIM network managers. In keeping with the aggravating conditions of the last two years, there were presentations, pitches and discussions on the topics of "Sustainable Networking" and "Digital Networking". In her hotly anticipated welcome address by Ministerialrätin Ms. Carmen Heidecke, responsible for the ZIM program, unfortunately no concrete dates for the reopening of the application process were announced. Due to the complex budget situation, we will probably have to be patient here.

15. June 2022 - 4th Workshop on "Robotics in Production Engineering"

  • Together (from left to right) the network managers Armin Schleinitz and Dr. Matthias Rehm with the management of EKF Automation, Dr. Ellen Jahn, Head of Corporate Development, Mrs. Franziksa Würz, Managing Director and Mr. Janko Würz, Procura, welcomed the guests of the workshop. Picture: TU Chemnitz/Manuel Norberger
  • At the beginning, Dr. Matthias Rehm, network manager of the META network, gave a classification of robotics in the context of production technology. Picture: TU Chemnitz/Armin Schleinitz
  • Franziksa Würz, Managing Director of EKF Automation GmbH, presented together with Mr. Janko Würz, authorized signatory of EKF Automation, the interesting product portfolio in the field of assembly, automation, process and robotics. Picture: TU Chemnitz/Armin Schleinitz
  • Prof. Alexander Winkler, Head of the Chair of Manufacturing Automation, gave an interesting overview lecture on cobots and presented innovative solutions. Picture: TU Chemnitz/Armin Schleinitz
  • As a provider of complete cobot solutions in the field of palletizing systems, Mr. Lukas Krettek from coboworx GmbH presented the underlying modular principle. Picture: TU Chemnitz/Armin Schleinitz
  • Alexander Hoffmann, Managing Director of ARCsolutions GmbH, gave a very good overview of the data chain from the CAD model to the finished G-code for NC-controlled industrial robots. Picture: TU Chemnitz/Armin Schleinitz
  • Mr. Tilo Sigmund, Managing Director of ibs automation GmbH, gave exciting insights into CNC robot solutions for production engineering. Picture: TU Chemnitz/Armin Schleinitz
  • Mr. Sven Tauchmann, Senior Key Expert Robotics of Siemens AG, rounded off the potential of CNC robotics in his lecture and clearly presented the wide product and program range of Siemens AG in the field of NC robotics. Picture: TU Chemnitz/Armin Schleinitz
  • Mr. Klaus Dimter, local historian from Freital, guided through his exhibition "Homage to Freital's Industrial History" and "Shadow Economy" and gave interesting insights into the multifaceted industrial history of the city. Picture: TU Chemnitz/Armin Schleinitz
  • Many a memory of times gone by was awakened in the participants of the workshop. Picture: TU Chemnitz/Armin Schleinitz
  • At the end of the event, the participants met in a relaxed atmosphere for networking with a magnificent view over Freital. Picture: TU Chemnitz/Armin Schleinitz

Accompanied by best weather, numerous network partners, but also external guests, met for our 4th workshop with focus on "Robotics in Production Engineering" in the modern location of our network partner EKF Automation GmbH in the heart of Freital. With his overview lecture, Dr. Matthias Rehm from META network management placed industrial robots in the context of production technology and built bridges to the other lectures of the workshop. As the hostess, the managing director of EKF Automation GmbH, Mrs. Würz, together with Mr. Janko Würz, presented the extensive portfolio of the company and then guided the interested participants through the production and assembly facilities.

After first discussions and refreshments at the cake buffet, Prof. Winkler from Mittweida University of Applied Sciences introduced the cobot session. He presented interesting approaches to the collaborative application spectrum of these systems and presented innovative, own solutions on a laboratory scale. Mr. Lukas Krettek from coboworx GmbH took up the ball directly and presented the product portfolio of the still young company in a lecture. Underpinned by concrete figures, scenarios and system solutions, he led the audience through the planning of a palletizing system, from the initial idea to the finished project.

The last third of the workshop was firmly in the hands of CNC robotics. Mr. Alexander Hoffmann, Managing Director of ARC Solutions GmbH, kicked off the workshop with his progressive ideas on double hybrid manufacturing with robots. He spanned the arc from CAD to the finished G-code for the NC-controlled movement of an industrial robot, which Mr. Tilo Sigmund, Managing Director of ibs automation GmbH picked up directly in his presentation on CNC robotics. As an entrepreneur in the field, he looked together with the participants at the many years of experience in the field of NC-controlled machining with robots from the point of view of a system provider. In perfect complement, Mr. Sven Tauchmann, Senior Key Expert Robotics of Siemens AG closed the workshop with his presentation on data-driven commissioning of CNC robots and gave interesting insights into the tools and processes from the perspective of the largest OEM in the field of automation of CNC robots.

A special highlight of the day was the subsequent guided tour through the exhibition on "Homage to Freital's Industrial History" and "Shadow Economy", where Mr. Klaus Dimter guided the participants through his exhibition, gave interesting insights into the industrial history of the city and awakened many a memory among the participants. During a cozy get-together, there was a lot of shop talk and the successful workshop came to a relaxed end.

28. April 2022 - Digital network meeting

We rang in the third funding year of our network together with our network partners at the digital network meeting on 28.04.2022. Following positive feedback on the current status of the network, our two new network partners, Arc solutions GmbH and Dr. Binde Ingenieure, Design & Engineering GmbH, introduced themselves to the network meeting with interesting and entertaining contributions. Among the highlights of the meeting were the presentations of our colleagues Marie Peter and Mei Yun Liu on the successfully launched projects "flexRound" and "QuaSt". Finally, the network management presented its vision for the network strategy 2023 and rounded off the successful meeting with a final discussion.

07. April 2022 - FIBO - Leading trade fair for fitness, wellness and health

The wait is over. After months without visiting any trade shows, we kicked off the 2022 trade show season at FIBO 2022. Together with our network partner GBZ Mannheim GmbH und Co.KG, we learned about current trends and developments in the field of sports equipment automation and sports and fitness exercise monitoring.In addition to interesting discussions with the numerous start-ups, we were also able to try out complete fleet solutions from established manufacturers live.

01. April 2022 - Weclome to the Team

With almost 30 network partners, we are starting the third year of Phase 2 and warmly welcome our new partners.

ARC Solutions GmbH is a software, content and service company oriented towards the success of its customers. The focus is on the design and implementation of integrated solutions for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) in engineering, manufacturing and maintenance based on the standard products of leading system providers (Siemens PLM Teamcenter, NX, Pro/E, SolidWorks, Autodesk) and our own user-oriented tools of the REMARC series. REMARC Component Framework is a product family for Component Supply Management (CSM), consisting of granularly configurable, interoperable and platform-independent software modules (plug-ins) as well as the required content and service portfolio. ARC Solutions GmbH is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and complements the existing competencies in the area of production planning and contributes expertise in the area of simulation and path generation for complex processing machines and robots.

As an experienced partner, Dr. Binde Ingenieure, Design & Engineering GmbH has stood for innovative product developments and services in the field of CAE for more than 20 years. As a specialist in the field of "Predictive Engineering", the company offers its services around MKS, FEM, CFD and EMAG analyses. Furthermore, the know-how is transferred to customers within the scope of consulting and training and they are supported in the integration of innovative technologies into the existing design process. As specialists for Siemens Simcenter and the modules Simcenter Pre/Post and Motion Simulation, Dr. Binde Ingenieure, Design & Engineering GmbH offers its entire competence and performance for calculation and simulation tasks with a focus on linear and non-linear structural analysis, electromagnetic, thermal and flow calculation and kinematic/dynamic simulation.

11. November 2021 - Hybrid Network meeting at the TU Chemnitz

After the last network meeting had taken place purely virtually, we were pleased to break new ground with our network partners and to welcome everyone to our hybrid network meeting on 11.11.2021 at the TU Chemnitz and in the virtual conference room. After introductory words by Mr. Armin Schleinitz about the current status of the network, the projects and our activities, we were pleased to receive first information from three projects, which were approved in the last half year. Mr. Sebastian Scharf from the Chair of Inorganic Chemistry presented the project "SmartLub", which is about the development of an automated IR-based cooling lubricant and cleaning solution monitoring. Following this, Mr. Chris Schöberlein, research associate at the professorship Production Systems and Processes presented first results of the project "ALFA", which deals with the development of a scalable condition monitoring system for metal cutting manufacturing companies. Ms. Anja Göhler, department manager of electrical design at our network partner pro-beam systems GmbH, presented promising approaches to the digital twin from the project "VirtualEB", in which a virtual image of a complex electron beam welding system is to be developed. Fortified with fresh pancakes, Dr. Matthias Rehm and Prof. Patalas-Maliszewska invited all participants to an entrepreneurial trip to the Lubusz Voivodeship. In his outlook, Dr. Rehm referred to the very good project situation of the network, presented further project ideas and opened a perspective for 2024.

14. October 2021 - Presentation META to the user workshop "Wire-based 3D printing" of the network wirePRINT

The Innovation Network Mechanical Engineering Saxony together with our partner network "WirePrint" invited to the VEMAS user workshop on the topic "Wire-based 3D printing" on 14.10.2021 in Chemnitz in the motor transport. The aim was to present the potentials of the technology and application possibilities to interested companies and to discuss new fields of application and technological requirements. As part of the broad lecture program, Dr. Matthias Rehm from the network management presented the potentials and added values of digital technologies as developed and researched in the META network in his lecture "The digital twin as an Industrie 4.0 application in practice" based on the projects "MODEK" and "VirtualEB". The first contacts to regional partners were made directly afterwards over coffee and cake.

08. October 2021 - 3rd workshop on the topic of "Additive manufacturing in the field of tension of Industry 4.0"

  • Dr. Michael Müller, General Manager of pro-beam systems GmbH, welcomes the guests together with Dr. Matthias Rehm, Network Manager of the META network. Picture: TU Chemnitz/Armin Schleinitz
  • Dr. Maik Trautmann, head of the Composites Department at the Chair of Composites and Composite Materials, gave an interesting keynote speech on the classification of additive manufacturing processes. Picture: TU Chemnitz/Armin Schleinitz
  • Marcus Will, Head of Business Development at pro-beam GmbH, presented pro-beam's interesting product portfolio in the field of additive manufacturing using electron beams. Picture: pro-beam/Nils Rücker
  • During the plant tour through the modern location of pro-beam, the complex range of services was presented to the guests. Picture: TU Chemnitz/Matthias Rehm
  • As one of the product fields of H+E Produktentwicklung GmbH, its managing director Mr. Matthias Grütze presented the diverse application areas of SLM-manufactured components. Picture: TU Chemnitz/Armin Schleinitz
  • Ralf Lehmann from the fixture design department impressed the audience with his user presentation on 3D printing at the Penig site. Picture: TU Chemnitz/Armin Schleinitz
  • Alexander Hoffmann, Managing Director of ARCsolutions GmbH, spanned the data chain along the complex value chain in additive manufacturing very well. Picture: TU Chemnitz/Armin Schleinitz
  • In his presentation, Ronny Bernstein, Managing Director of BMF GmbH Grüna, impressively illustrated just how great the research and development potential is for finishing using beams in the field of additive manufacturing. Picture: TU Chemnitz/Armin Schleinitz
  • Dr. Ines Dani from the network management of the newly founded network "wirePrint" introduced an interesting consortium from the field of wire-based 3D printing to the professional audience and built bridges to the META network. Picture: TU Chemnitz/Armin Schleinitz

Finally networking again! At the invitation of our network partner pro-beam systems GmbH, we met for the 3rd workshop in Stollberg under the topic "Additive manufacturing in the field of tension of Industry 4.0"b. The afternoon was characterized by interesting presentations that introduced the large and dynamic world of industrial 3D printing and reflected this along the value creation in the focus of automation technology. Dr. Maik Trautmann from the Chair of Composites and Material Compositesb inspired with his impulse lecture and passed the baton to the host, whose Head of Business Development, Mr. Marcus Will, presented the innovative electron beam printing technology of pro-beam. During the subsequent plant tour, Dr. Michael Müller, Channel Director for Energy, Nuclear and Railb, presented the modern site in more detail. Mr. Matthias Grütze, Managing Director of H+E Produktentwicklung GmbH, Mr. Ralf Lehmann of Flender Penig GmbH and Mr. Alexander Hoffmann, Managing Director of ARCsolutions GmbHb, followed with an entertaining block of lectures from the perspective of producers, users and CAD/CAM integrators. The lecture section was rounded off by Mr. Ronny Bernstein, Managing Director of BMF GmbH Grünab from the perspective of finishing and Dr. Ines Dani, Head of Department of wire-based additive processes at Fraunhofer IWUb, with her presentation on the newly founded "wirePrint" network. During a cozy get-together in the Stollberg city center, there was a lot of shop talk and the week came to a relaxed end.

22. September 2021 - all about automation - Trade fair for industrial automation

READY TO MEET AGAIN! Under this motto we also followed the call for this year's edition of all about automation in the exhibition halls of Chemnitz. More than 150 exhibitors showed systems, components, software and engineering for industrial automation and industrial communication. Besides visiting our partners we had interesting conversations with new industry contacts like EffiUp GmbH. We thank the managing director Mrs. Meinel and her colleague Mr. Krettek for the invitation and the interesting live demonstration of the performance spectrum of one of the core products for design, commissioning, validation and monitoring of 3D production systems at EffiUp GmbH.

09. June 2021 - Strengthening the German-Polish automation network

The international coordinator of the META network of the TU Chemnitz, Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Justyna Patalas-Maliszewska, promotes the German-Polish exchange during her research stay in Chemnitz.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Justyna Patalas-Maliszewska is director of the Institute of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Zielona Góra in Poland. Since 2020, in response to a request from the Chair of Production Systems and Processes at Chemnitz University of Technology, she has taken on the role of international coordinator of the network „Manufacturing 4.0 durch Entwicklung und Transfer progressiver Automatisierungslösungen – META“. "How seriously Prof. Patalas-Maliszewska takes this task can be seen from the fact that she is coming to our university as a visiting scientist for three months despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic," says Dr. Matthias Rehm, research associate at the Chair of Production Systems and Processes and initiator of the META network, adding, "We welcome her warmly and look forward to intensive cooperation." Until the end of July 2021, Patalas-Maliszewska will advance joint research in the field of data analysis in production engineering and develop a concept for knowledge-based decision support for the supplier business in the context of Industrie 4.0. Another area of work will be the use of artificial intelligence methods. In order to strengthen the international META network, talks with the German network members and the preparation of a trip of entrepreneurs to Poland or within Germany are on the agenda.

Germany is Poland's most important sales market, many exports from Poland are industrial goods, machinery and equipment. However, the close ties between the two neighboring countries are not limited to the economy. Within the framework of the ERASMUS or DAAD program, scientific exchange is also promoted. An ERASMUS cooperation agreement between the TU Chemnitz and the University of Zielona Góra has been in place since 2018. "My first visit to Chemnitz was four years ago," Patalas-Maliszewska recalls. "Now I am happy to be here, to initiate international research projects and to give lectures, even if Corona-related personal contacts are limited at the moment. I thank my German colleagues for the friendly welcome, the friendly atmosphere at the professorship and the perfect preparation for my stay." The professor receives both financial support and organizational support from the International University Center through the Visiting Scholar Program of the TU Chemnitz.

01. April 2021 - Warmly welcome to the team!

Strengthened by new partners in the network, we are pleased to start the second year of Phase 2 and warmly welcome our new partners.

With DeSonic GmbH, we have a long-established partner in the field of ultrasonic cleaning systems and aqueous-based cleaning systems in standard and special plant construction at our side. From ultrasonic generators to fully automatic cleaning lines, the company serves everything from a single source and from its own production and builds on innovative systems for optimal operation and control.

Significantly contributing to the strengthening of competencies in the field of production lines and robot cells in the future will be EKF Automation GmbH from Freital. For three decades, the company has stood for innovative solutions and design challenges in the fields of automation, robotics and special machine construction.

As a specialist in the manufacture of inductors, cutting tools, tools for processing cables and plastic pipes, and progressive sports equipment, GBZ Mannheim GmbH & Co. KG our joint network vision. Thus, tools, products and services based on them are designed, developed and manufactured as well as supported for a wide range of applications in the mechanical engineering and sports industries.

GKN Driveline Deutschland GmbH is a leading global supplier of driveline systems and solutions for the automotive industry. As a global supplier to the leading vehicle manufacturers, GKN Driveline develops, manufactures and supplies a wide range of driveline systems from the smallest, ultra-low-cost passenger car to the most sophisticated premium vehicle. With the Mosel site, our network is supported by a renowned OEM partner with a wide range of manufacturing expertise and breadth.

18. January 2021 - Kickoff Network "NanoGeoTherm"

In the innovation network NanoGeoTherm - Nanotechnology for more efficiency in geothermal systems, which was newly founded at the beginning of the year, the META network is represented as a strong partner with a focus on production technology, automation technology and Industry 4.0. With a total of 10 partners, the network has successfully started phase 1. At the kickoff, our network presented its competences and first ideas were discussed together, which potentials the application of nanotechnologies has for near-surface geothermal energy.

In this field, few new innovative materials have been used so far, so that the use of nanotechnology on different levels promises considerable success for the overall system. The NanoGeoTherm network pursues the vision of significantly improving near-surface geothermal energy technically through the use of nanoscale materials, particularly in the areas of thermal conductivity but also electrical conductivity and mechanical stability. We look forward to further collaboration on interesting projects.

02. December 2020 - VDI/VDE-IT Workshop "Impulse für Innovationen"

In early December, our project executing agency, the VDI/VDE-IT, invited to the virtual workshop "Impulse für Innovationen". Together, the network management followed interesting presentations on the contents and potentials of the ZIM funding program and was able to ask open questions about the application to the competent team of the VDI/VDE-IT during the discussion round.

16. November 2020 - Kick-Off of Phase 2 af the international Network

With more than 25 participants from the circle of our network partners we started together with the Kick-Off in phase 2 of our network. Together with the international coordinator, Prof. Patalas-Maliszewska, the German network management around Mr. Schleinitz and Dr. Rehm led through the morning and informed the partners about the current topics, gave insights into the project situation and discussed further research and development priorities. The virtual format also provided an opportunity for the network partners newly added in phase 2 to introduce themselves. Very interesting contributions from the different areas of production technology, research and digitization were in focus. During the breaks, despite the local barriers of the virtual kick-off, there were lively discussions in the numerous breakout rooms offered by the web conference tool. Interesting implplus presentations rounded off the network meeting and were already the basis for further, joint project ideas.

24. September 2020 - all about automation at the fair in Chemnitz

After a long forced break from trade fairs, it was finally time again at the end of September - the first trade fair visit of the year at the all about automation in the exhibition halls on our doorstep. Almost 150 exhibitors showed, despite the current restrictions and the resulting hygiene guidelines, a variety of innovative products. In addition to the visit of our partners (at this point a big thank you to the EDC Electronic Design Chemnitz GmbH for the invitation to their booth) we had interesting discussions with new industry contacts such as JAT - Jenaer Antriebstechnik Gmb, IAI Industrieroboter GmbH and INFRANOR GmbH on drive-based condition monitoring.

21. August 2020 - Visit of the network partner H+E Produktentwicklung GmbH

The managing directors Mrs. Frohberg and Mr. Grütze of our partner H+E Produktentwicklung GmbH welcomed us warmly in beautiful Moritzburg. After final coordination of the interdisciplinary R&D project, which is planned in cooperation with the partner BMF GmbH as well as the professorships of production metrology and business administration III, we were allowed to get to know the ready product range from the different industries in more detail. In addition to automation solutions for intralogistics and transfer systems, H+E Produktentwicklung has already built up extensive technological know-how in the field of additive manufacturing over more than 13 years. As specialists for the design, development and production of complex geometries in 3D metal printing, the team around Mr. Grütze accompanies the complete production cycle from the first idea to the final processing. The laser melting process used (LaserCusing®) offers the possibility of producing complex objects from a variety of metal materials through tool-free and topology-optimized manufacturing.

23. July 2020 - Visit of the network partner BMF GmbH Grüna

Our next visit of the network partners led us to Grüna to our longtime partner, the BMF GmbH Grüna. Mr. Bernstein himself took the time to talk to us about the current trends and strategies in the field of mechanical blasting. Due to the strengthened market in the field of generative manufacturing, completely new task spectra and challenges arise, which can only be solved by a complete consideration of the process chain, from the raw material to the final processing. The bundling of the various competences in the network as well as the support on the research side were unanimously approved and are now to flow together within the framework of a larger joint project for the processing of this important complex of topics from the field of production quality control. We are looking forward to further cooperation.

14. July 2020 - Visit of the network partner Lehmann UMT

The start of our network visits leads us to Pöhl in the beautiful Vogtland region to the network partner Lehmann UMT, where we were warmly welcomed. During a guided tour through the production at the location, the managing director, Mr. Lehmann, and Mr. Lorenz from the sales department showed us the extensive product portfolio as well as the machinery and equipment of the company. We learned about the current trends and development priorities in the field of filtration technology and were able to exchange ideas about joint projects and future focal points, which have now been summarised in a first project sketch. At this point we would like to thank Mr. Lehmann and Mr. Lorenz once again.

24. June 2020 - Digital exchange of experience for ZIM network managers

Freshly started in the second phase, the two network managers Armin Schleinitz and Dr. Matthias Rehm participated in the digital exchange of experience for ZIM network managers on the topic Optimized funding conditions in ZIM & Digital Networking. Interesting presentations offered the opportunity to inform and exchange information about funding opportunities in the context of the new ZIM guideline 2020 and possible tools for digital networking.

12. June 2020 - Phase 2 started internationally

Our international management team introduces itself. Besides the TUC managers, our Polish coordinator Prof. Justyna Patalas-Maliszewska from the University of Zielona Gora has joined us. In her scientific work, her research focuses on computational intelligence in production, modelling and design methods, and tools and solutions to support production engineering. She is involved in various international research projects in the field of information systems, including several within the Interreg UE programme, as well as for companies and the Polish National Laboratory. She is well connected through her membership in the Polish Society for Production Management and the Polish Society for Innovation Management as well as numerous lectures in the Central European region.

31. December 2019 - Phase 2 international will start soon

Phase 1 of the ZIM network has been completed. We will soon start in phase 2 internationally with interesting Polish partners.

16. October 2019 - 14th cooperation exchange supplier industry in Stollberg

Booth of the network META at the cooperation exchange supplier industry in Stollberg. Picture: Alexander Winkler

Within the scope of the 14th cooperation exchange supplier industry of the Wirtschaftsförderung Erzgebirge the network META presented its previous research and development results to the regional expert audience. In the three-field sports hall of the Carl-von-Bach grammar school in Stollberg numerous visitors informed themselves about the current developments in the field of automation solutions for the production technology of tomorrow. The topics of digitalisation, machine and process monitoring and processing by means of robots were particularly well received.

26. September 2019 - 2nd Workshop on "Retrofittable features for drive control and monitoring"

  • Chris Schöberlein showed solutions for drive data acquisition in his lecture and disturbance monitoring. Picture: TU Chemnitz/Peggy de Witt
  • The trade fair demonstrator was very interested in the implemented algorithms for the drive fingerprint. Picture: TU Chemnitz/Matthias Rehm
  • The test and application center for processing with robots was also presented to the participants. Picture: TU Chemnitz/Matthias Rehm
  • During a snack there was an intensive exchange of experience on the subjects of drive monitoring and digitization. Picture: TU Chemnitz/Peggy de Witt
  • When visiting the laboratories, the extensive test stands of the control and regulation technology department were presented. Picture: TU Chemnitz/Matthias Rehm

A great success was our 2nd workshop on 26 September 2019 on the subject of "Retrofittable features for drive control and monitoring". Mr. Holger Schlegel, Head of the Department of Control Engineering at the Chair of Machine Tool Design and Forming Technology, led the participants through the exciting program. Under the topic "Identification of controlled systems during operation and monitoring of performance and dynamics", Mr. Johannes Quellmalz impressively demonstrated in his lecture the wide range of algorithms that have been developed in the department in recent years. Based on this, Mr. Chris Schöberlein presented under "Drive data acquisition and determination of machining forces" the necessary means and developed solutions for data utilization and outlined the considerable potential of estimating machining forces in cutting machine tools. Mr. André Sewohl concluded the triple with his presentation on "Force/position control in manufacturing technology" and illustrated simulation-based and experimental results in the field of hybrid control of forming machines in addition to the state of the art.

During the live demonstration at the department's numerous test stands in Hall E, the participants were able to convince themselves of the performance and find out about the technical implementation. The test and application centre for machining with robots was also presented to the participants and initial machining strategies were discussed. At the concluding snack, there was time for an intensive exchange of experience in the fields of drive monitoring and digitization.

16. - 21. September 2019 - EMO Hanover

Booth at the EMO 2019 at Hanover Picture: TU Chemnitz/Matthias Rehm

This year's EMO took place from 16 to 21 September in Hanover and, as the world's leading trade fair for metalworking, is an important showcase for innovation, indispensable for global manufacturing technology and was an ideal platform for the META cooperation network. In the mav industrie 4.0 area, we presented initial solution proposals and numerous project and product ideas at the TU Chemnitz stand. The joint stand was a first-rate visitor magnet and offered the network with its forum area the additional opportunity to present the network to a broad professional audience in the context of a technical lecture under the title "Digitalisation of production technology through progressive monitoring and automation solutions".

03. July 2019 - 1st Workshop on "Funding opportunities through SAB / SBG and protection and patent law"

  • Network manager Peggy de Witt led the workshop. Picture: TU Chemnitz/Matthias Rehm
  • Katrin Gräfe from SAB explains the extensive support programs of SAB. Picture: TU Chemnitz/Matthias Rehm
  • The funding modules of the SBG, presented by Mr. Frank Däderich, represent an ideal addition to the funding instruments of the SAB. Picture: TU Chemnitz/Matthias Rehm
  • Dr. Silvio Heider from the Patent Information Center at Chemnitz University of Technology discussed the benefits of industrial property rights, among other things. Picture: TU Chemnitz/Matthias Rehm

Network partners as well as external guests informed Ms. Gräfe about the extensive portfolio of support programmes of the Sächsischen Aufbaubank (SAB) for Saxon companies at the first workshop of the META network. In addition to the GRW grant, the innovation premium, the technology transfer support as well as programmes for information protection and the digitalisation of business processes were met with great approval. Mr. Däderich completed the SAB's offer with the presentation of the funding modules by the Sächsische Beteiligungsgesellschaft (SBG) and presented the essential advantages of SBG funding. Subsequently, Dr. Heider from the Patent Information Centre (PIZ) of Chemnitz University of Technology structured the complex process of patent application, discussed advantages and disadvantages and presented the range of services offered by the PIZ.

The extensive funding opportunities of the SAB can also be found online.

Overview of the range of services of the PIZ .

25. June 2019 - Visit of the international ZIM network "Soil2Heat" of the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg

Network exchange between META & OF-Geothermie 4.0 Picture: TU Chemnitz/Katja Klöden

After getting to know each other during the exchange of experiences of the network managers in Berlin, the network coordination of the networks Soil2Heat (near-surface geothermal energy and cold local heating 4.0) and the network META (Manufacturing 4.0 through development and transfer of progressive automation solutions) decided to filter out possible synergies and focal points at a meeting, which will benefit from the innovative strength of the partners from both networks. After an invitation and a visit, it quickly became clear that there are many points of contact between the two networks and that a continuous future collaboration and cooperation is aimed at.

Further information on the ZIM network "Soil2Heat" can be found here.

02. April 2019 - Kick-Off

Consortium of the cooperation network META Picture: TU Chemnitz/Katja Klöden

For the presentation of first project ideas and the joint discussion of the technological roadmap, the network partners of all 9 companies and 6 research institutions met in the context of the Kick-Off on April 2nd in building M on the campus Reichenhainer Strasse. With the focus on monitoring and automation solutions for small and medium-sized companies in the field of production engineering, interesting approaches to solutions were presented.

These deal with the following topics:

  • Control Loop Performance Monitoring
  • Manufacturing process monitoring
  • Manufacturing process control
  • Manufacturing quality control
  • Modular Automation solutions
  • Manufacturing process developtment

You can also find more information on this here.

05. - 08. February 2019 - intec 2019

Technical discussion at the booth Picture: TU Chemnitz/Johannes Quellmalz

Within the framework of the trade fair for manufacturing technology, machine tools and special machines intec 2019, the network of will be represented at the Leipzig Exhibition Centre from 05 to 08 February.

Using the example of a glass machine tool, new partners were convinced by the alliance and the expertise it offers and given assistance for the age of Industry 4.0. Digitization and networking enable the intelligent monitoring of processes and components and the establishment of practice-oriented manufacturing process and quality control systems.

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Über das Netzwerk

META, the international Network about Manufacturing 4.0 durch Entwicklung und Transfer progressiver Automatisierungslösungen, is a network funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) as part of the Central Innovation Program for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (ZIM), which is coordinated by the Chair of Machine Tools and Forming Technology. The network was founded in January 2019 with 14 members from industry and research.