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META - Manufacturing 4.0 durch Entwicklung und Transfer progressiver Automatisierungslösungen

Workshop offer within the network

4th Workshop "Robotics in Production Engineering"

Our fourth workshop on the topic of "Robotics in Production Engineering" took place on 15.06.2022 at EKF Automation GmbH. Interesting lectures and discussions on the topics awaited us:

01:00 pm Welcome
Mrs. Dr. Ellen Jahn, EKF Automation GmbH
01:10 pm Robotics at a glance
Mr. Dr. Matthias Rehm, Prof. Production Systems and Processes
01:30 pm Presentation and guided tour through EKF Automotion GmbH
Mrs. Franziska Würz, Mr. Janko Würz, EKF Automation GmbH
02:15 pm Coffee, discussion and networking
02:45 pm Cobots: industrial robots or colleagues?
Mr. Prof. Alexander Winkler, Mittweida University of Applied Sciences
03:00 pm Coboworx - Robots for medium-sized businesses
Mr. Lukas Krettek, coboworx GmbH
03:20 pm Coffee, discussion and networking
03:45 pm Robots and their digital twins in hybrid manufacturing
Mr. Alexander Hoffmann, Arc solutions GmbH
04:10 pm Customized CNC robot solutions for production engineering
Mr. Tilo Sigmund, ibs automation GmbH
04:30 pm Digital first - Data-driven commissioning and workpiece analysis for CNC robots
Mr. Sven Tauchmann, Siemens AG
05:00 pm Guided tour of the exhibition "Shadow economy" and "Homage to Freital's industrial history".
from 05:45 pm Get together

3rd Workshop "Additive Manufacturing at the Nexus of Industry 4.0"

Our third workshop on the additive process chain in the field of digitalization took place at the premises of our network partner pro-beam systems GmbH. In a fitting environment, speakers from industry and research provided interesting insights into technologies, trends and innovations:

  • Additive manufacturing at a glance [M.Trautmann, TUC]
  • WEBAM – Wire Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing [M.Will, pro-beam]
  • LaserCusing® - Complex products rethought [M.Grütze, H+E Produktentwicklung]
  • Integrated digital process chain for additive hybrid manufacturing [A.Hoffmann, Arc solutions]
  • Smart Surface Control® [R.Bernstein, BMF]
  • WirePrint - Network for industrial wire-based 3D printing [I.Dani, IWU]

2nd workshop "Retrofittable features for drive control and monitoring".

Our second workshop on retrofittable features for monitoring and control of drives was held at the TU Chemnitz to great acclaim.

The colleagues from the control engineering department presented in interesting lectures as well as live in the test field:

  • Methods for identification of controlled systems during operation
  • Algorithms for monitoring performance and dynamics
  • Method for non-invasive determination of machining forces
  • Current approaches to force/position control in manufacturing technology


1st Workshop "Funding opportunities through SAB / SBG and protection and patent law"

Our first workshop on funding opportunities through SAB / SBG and the current status of property rights and patent rights took place on July 3 2019 at the Chemnitz University of Technology.

Current information on the following topics was presented:

  • SAB funding programs for companies
  • Funding modules of the SBG in the area of economy
  • Patent and property right